Futbol: Delicious Always Wins!

The whole world loves a good game of soccer – and the taste of TABASCO®! Wherever you are, here’s how to season food & drinks on game day – or any day – with the aged-chile flavor of Original Red & the smoky sizzle of our Chipotle Sauce.

Classic chile flavor for any food & drink!
Its aged red pepper heat doesn’t overpower other flavors – it brings them out. Mix into cocktails, stir into queso & bake into tortillas!

  • Mix into crema or sour cream for tostadas, enchiladas & chilaquiles
  • Sprinkle in a bag of corn, tortilla or potato chips to liven them up!
  • Fast guacamole: Mix 3 avocados, 1/4 cup chopped onion, a chopped Roma tomato, 1 Tbsp chopped cilantro & 2 tsp Original Red
  • Sweet & peppery! Shake on ice cream & fruit sorbets, bake in chocolate brownies
  • Mix into tropical fruit with a squeeze of lime for a lively salsa de frutas
  • Grill to perfection! Add to your favorite adobo, marinade & meat rub recetas
  • Mix with mayonnaise for a quick & fiery sandwich & burger spread
  • Add to your favorite guisado or stew recipes & let it simmer!

Adds a rich, smoky kick!
Splash into cold beer & frosty cocktails, mix into dips, creamy sauces & taco toppings, shake smoky flavor onto grilled meats.

  • Great with pineapple! Stir into fresh pineapple margaritas or a pineapple salsa picante
  • Mix with chopped cilantro & crema or sour cream to top tacos, tostadas & enchiladas
  • A smoky, refreshing treat: Add a few drops & a squeeze of lime to a cold beer
  • A yummy futbol snack: Sprinkle on queso fundido & spoon into warm tortillas
  • Mix with mayo or ketchup & spread on bread or burger buns. Great on french fries too!
  • Smoky guacamole! Blend into guacamole casero or any store-bought dip
  • Mix with lime juice to marinate celery, cucumber & jicama sticks for a tasty beer or cocktail garnish
  • Sides with smoky sizzle! Stir into already prepared rice or beans