Main Dishes:
Season To Taste

From fajitas to falafel to fettuccine – the whole world spices up entrées and main dishes with TABASCO®. No matter what ingredients, spices and cooking styles are used, our versatile Original Red enhances the flavors without overpowering them.

  • Mix with our Green Jalapeño & drizzle on tacos
  • Sprinkle on fish & chips – a classic flavor combination
  • Got a favorite BBQ sauce? Bring out the flavors with Original Red
  • Fires up omelets, steak & eggs – any eggs!
  • Great with lemony Hollandaise sauce on Eggs Benedict
  • Shake it on sandwiches, burgers & wraps
  • Stir into melted butter for dipping shrimp, lobster or crab claws
  • Delicious on grilled salmon or tuna
  • Splash it on steak, ribs & pot roast
  • Adds tangy heat to creamy pasta dishes
  • Adds “pep” to lemon pepper seasonings
  • Enhances flavors in Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Caribbean, Asian – any cuisine!