Easy Sriracha Flavor

Inspired by traditional Thai hot-sauce recipes, our Sriracha is a medium-heat sauce with a garlicky-sweet burst of flavor that goes with just about everything. Plus, it’s preservative-free, gluten-free and fat-free! Keep it handy in the kitchen, near the grill and on the table for a burst of Sriracha flavor in ketchup, mayo and dips, on grilled meats and seafood and more!


Spike everyday condiments like ketchup, mayo & ranch dressing with the garlicky-sweet heat and aged-pepper flavor of our Sriracha Sauce to make them extra delicious.


Wing sauce is easy with our Sriracha Sauce – just mix it with melted butter. It’s so thick and rich that when you toss it with wings it really sticks, coating them in that delicious, garlicky-sweet heat. Use it in marinades, too.


Kick up any kind of dip, from hummus and guacamole to ranch dip, queso, chicken dip, spinach and artichoke dip and more. Just stir it in!


Any way you cook eggs, season them with our Sriracha Sauce. Whisk it into scrambled eggs, squeeze some onto fried eggs and use it to garnish deviled eggs with a bright red drop of delicious.


Mix it into any homemade or bottled BBQ sauce to make mouthwatering burgers, ribs, grilled chicken, steaks or pulled pork. Keep it by the grill, too, for tasty basting.