Kick Up Your Chili!

There’s a perfect TABASCO® Pepper Sauce flavor to season every kind of chili, from a beloved family recipe to veggie chili to hot-dog chili in a can. Stir it in while you’re cooking and shake it on when you’re eating!

  • Mix Original Red into beef or chicken along with other chili seasonings for a classic red-pepper flavor
  • For chili meat that tastes like it’s been in the smokehouse all day, cook it down with plenty of our Chipotle Sauce
  • Our Chipotle Sauce gives vegetarian chili a hint of smokehouse flavor – without the meat!
  • Mix our mild Green Sauce into chicken chili for a light, fresh jalapeño flavor
  • Our Pepper Sauce flavors mix well! Give chili an extra kick by using both Original Red and Green Sauces.

3 Cheers for Chili Bars!

Hot, spicy chili with a choice of tasty toppings is a party-menu winner! Make it an extra hearty spread with foods to load up with chili, like corn chips, hot dogs & baked potatoes. Don’t forget to set out bottles of your favorite TABASCO® Sauce flavors, so guests can shake it right on!