Asian Food: All About the Sauce!

Here’s one thing all of Asia’s cuisines have in common: sauces made with hot, spicy chilis! That’s why the aged and fermented peppers in TABASCO® Original Red make it the perfect complement to Asian flavors:

  • Stir into marinades & add to soy, hoisin, plum – any dipping sauce
  • Splash into Pho, Egg Drop, Thai Coconut or any soup
  • Adds flavor to tuna Tataki
  • Sprinkle on spring rolls, wontons & egg rolls
  • Mix with soy sauce & wasabi for extra spicy sushi dipping
  • Add a few dashes to stir fry
  • Shake into noodle or rice bowls
  • Gives ponzu sauce an extra kick
  • Try TABASCO® SWEET & Spicy Sauce, too!