TABASCO® in the White House

TABASCO® has long been present on the Presidential table – both in the White House and aboard Air Force One (the aircraft table is set with an .8-oz. Original Red mini bearing the Presidential Seal).

Family lore holds that a McIlhenny family member sent President Ulysses S. Grant a case of TABASCO® Original Red Sauce sometime after the Civil War, and while that remains undocumented, it’s certain that President Theodore Roosevelt enjoyed TABASCO® – presumably introduced to him by John A. McIlhenny (son of founder Edmund McIlhenny), who was one of his Rough Riders and a lifelong friend. In TABASCO®: An Illustrated History, you’ll find President Dwight Eisenhower’s personal barbecue recipe and First Lady Pat Nixon’s corn soufflé, both featuring TABASCO® Original Red.